Frequently Asked Questions

Below we aimed to list all Frequently Asked Questions that we see in our communities. Still have a question? Feel free to join the conversation in Telegram.

  • In what countries does Melalie operate?

    We are currently active in Indonesia and in the Netherlands.

  • Official Melalie Communities

    • Melalie Web -
    • Melalie Twitter -
    • Melalie Facebook -
    • Melalie Instagram -
    • Melalie News Channel -
    • Melalie Trading Channel -
  • What does the name Melalie mean?

    Melalie is a Balinese word. The meaning can be translated to "Jalan Jalan" or "To have a walk". The original writing is actually without the E (Melali) at the end.

  • What function does $MEL has in your platform?

    $MEL is the token that fuels The Melalie Network. $MEL offers a model to reward token holders who stake the token, using similar principles as Gas. It offers our affiliates and community the possibility to monetize on their efforts to further develop our decentralized ecosystem. Later, $MEL will also be used as payments and as a token to support the Melalie open insurance protocol. 

  • For how long are the team tokens locked?

    Team tokens will be distributed 24 months after listing on Uniswap.

    - After 24 months: 20% will be released
    - 10% per month of 8 months, to start one month after the first release

  • Will the staking program be available by the end of June?

    Yes, the first release of our staking program will be available in June!

  • How can I add my own vehicle to the platform?

    Just go to! You can also watch this video for more information on how to join.

  • Where can we buy $MEL?

    You can buy in Uniswap, Bibox and Bilaxy.