As you know, we have been working very hard on the new release of our platform. Today we are very excited because we can share with you the basic design principles and key features of the fully updated Melalie application.

We work with an important mission in our minds

Before we share the designs and key features, we want to re-emphasize our mission.

We want to decrease the environmental impact of human mobility. We do so by providing a decentralized marketplace for all kinds of vehicles. This way, we reduce vehicle ownership and we allow anyone to generate an income by providing vehicles or services to the network.

The consequence of this should be a self-sustaining marketplace, in which all actors are incentivized to contribute. $MEL is the token that is powering this decentralized mobility marketplace.

Now, let’s get started!

Our product development team is working hard to finalize their work. However, we could not wait to share with you some of the designs and deeper explanations of the 2.0 version of the Melalie platform and how it will impact $MEL.

On the new splash page, you already see a hint of what will be next; we added new classes of vehicles and we adjusted the color blue to a more friendly version. But of course, there is much more!

More vehicles = a totally new way to search vehicles

We launched Melalie 1.0 in vibrant Bali, Indonesia. As a consequence, a lot of features have been developed with the local context in mind. Now we are scaling up to different locations all around the world. Therefore we need the platform to easily support more countries and vehicles; anywhere you go, rent from locals.

You can see the result of this refactoring effort in the totally new way of searching for vehicles. Users can first select the type of vehicle, select the location where they want to rent (city, airport, address, hotel, current location, etc). Up next is to submit the dates using a mini agenda, which has great mini interactions when you slide it forward.

The results

Next, we display a personalized selection of nearby vehicles. Users can easily filter the results by filtering out different budgets, vehicles, and other vehicle-specific features.

The philosophy behind the design of the application is that the application gives you the experience of a personalized travel companion. A companion that always gives you the vehicle you need, anywhere you go.

Click and book

Once a user made a selection, they are just one click away to finalize their booking. After the confirmation, the user will see easy-to-understand information such as trip dates, pickup, and return locations. Furthermore, we display the long-term discount in a more intuitive way.

Thank you!

We have been able to realize the redesign of our platform using the input from the questionnaire we’ve shared a few months ago. We have been humbled by all the feedback and suggestions we received. Again we would like to thank you for helping us making Melalie a success!

The final steps before launch

At this moment our product development team is working on fine-tuning the last details (the devil is in the details). We will make the beta version of the 2.0 application available to a selection of people from our community. Please keep on following our socials if you want to participate!

About Melalie

Melalie is a peer-to-peer (P2P) mobility marketplace. On the Melalie platform, people can rent vehicles — bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, and trucks — from each other, without the need for intermediaries. The Melalie platform is complete, tested, live, and already lists over 400 local vendors in Indonesia and The Netherlands. The application can be downloaded in the Appstore (iOS) and the Google Playstore (Android). Check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

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