In this article, we will share how Melalie 2.0 is born based on Analysis and pre-design.

In the last couple of months, our product development team has been working hard on developing the new version of the Melalie App. Throughout brainstorm sessions, sprint plannings, and backlog refinement sessions, we have created a clear path forward on the next phase of the development.

Melalie’s mission is to provide a decentralized alternative to the mobility industry. Together with the support from our Angel investors and community, we are ready to bring Melalie to the next phase, Melalie 2.0.

Just like most of the software applications, we have been building in the App we develop the Melalie Platform in an iterative way of development. Also known as the Agile approach.

Agile can be implemented in various industries and use cases but one of the most famous and known frameworks is SCRUM. Our product development is brainstorming and defining user stories that are improved upon during product development sprints.

Usually, when we develop software we create clear requirements of what we need to develop. These so-called user stories have different requirements and therefore we need to give them a complexity and priority rate. This is done with the help of SCRUM Poker.

When we start a sprint we start something which is called sprint planning. We move user stories from the backlog and once we are ready we get started with the product development.

Every individual team member of the product development team is assigning a value to the user story which then we will collect and put into the sprint.

A sprint usually takes 2 weeks to complete and is ended with an analysis of what we could improve also called a retrospective. At the end of the sprint, we create a burndown chart to count the number of user stories that we have finished and to know if the team is progressing or not.

When the whole process is completed we try to release a shippable version of the product.

At the moment of release, the product is designed, developed, and tested. We then publish our work in our beta environment.

After approval of our beta testers, the product features that we developed in the sprint will be released into the platform.

In this article, we will share how Melalie 2.0 is born based on Analysis and pre-design.


At the early stage of our development, our design experts start with analyzing and creating questionnaires to define our new brand persona. By analyzing the results, we are able to make improvements to the look and feel of Melalie’s App. The results are fascinating as we find some big differences from our previous brand personas.


We find some difficulty in using the bigger text to be fitted to the smaller screen without the text being cropped, therefore we have decided to make the font size smaller and change our typography from Proxima Nova to Montserrat. We are trying to find an alternative font to our recent font while still giving a similar feel to our previous font.

Another reason why we changed our font is that sometimes the writing can be so light and sometimes in one condition it is very difficult to read.

Basic Color Guidelines

We are also doing some amendments to our basic color guidelines. We are giving an Electric Blue color a chance to replace our iconic Blue gradient color. This change was made by checking the Electric Blue color code in the Contrast Checker. The result was The Electric Blue color could give a more credible feel to our application rather than the Blue gradient color. We also added the Yellow color to complement the Electric Blue color.

Button Corner Radius

Beforehand we found out that “rounded edges are easy on the eyes” but in the end, it gives a casual impression to our application. Completely rounded buttons also take lots of space and are sometimes misinterpreted as button tags.

To fix this, our design team suggests using a slightly rounded button so the app will look more professional but still casual.

From 100% radius corner to 6 radius

Illustrations of Melalie’s Character

Just like our button concept “rounded edges are easy on the eyes’’ this also applies to Melalie’s character, Ayu. Beforehand Ayu’s character had many sharp edges, which made the character look sharp. Our design team decided to change her to a more rounded edge to make it more casual-friendly. We believe this new character will make our users feel closer to us as local friends whenever they see her in our new application or media.

Voices and Tones Emotions

Finding the right tone of voice is important in brand strategy. The tone of voice in communication is defined as ‘the way a person speaks to someone’. We decided to make our tone of voice to be a more friendly, enthusiastic, fearless, independent, Casual-Adult to give a personal connection to our users.

Next, we’ve already anticipated our user needs in the future, as we all know, Melalie is a blockchain platform designed specifically for the mobility industry. Its goal is to develop an open platform that stimulates collaboration, streamlines business processes, and optimizes the information flow through the use of distributed ledger technology.

Our new app will be supported by blockchain technology in the future for cashless payment. With the upcoming release, we want our users to have a convenient and safe experience during their journey. We want to create a revolutionary application in the mobility as a service industry and give a positive impact to society, community, and the world.

We understand transportation can be difficult during travel and our mobile app makes traveling easier. Moreover, by providing electric vehicles, we are hoping to be able to support reducing air pollution and congestion.

Stay tuned to our next project update!

About Melalie

Melalie is a peer-to-peer (P2P) mobility marketplace. On the Melalie platform, people can rent vehicles — bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, and trucks — from each other, without the need for intermediaries. The Melalie platform is complete, tested, live, and already lists over 400 local vendors in Indonesia and The Netherlands. The application can be downloaded in the Appstore (iOS) and the Google Playstore (Android). Check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

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