Melalie update #6: staking, testnet, website, Youtube &more.

Thank you for reading this week's update. We have been working hard on developing the upcoming release, our testnet, and much more. Thanks again for your support!

In this update you can expect:

- Staking platform, the UI- Updated website- New Youtube videos- Testnet in development- Upcoming AMA

  • 1: The UI for the stakingplatform

  • With the MEL-S1 staking program, we want to provide our early investors with the possibility to stake their $MEL. While we are building out our platform and prepare our next marketing campaigns, our dedicated tokenholders will earn rewards. We expect to launch the MEL-S1 platform this month. Below you already can see the User Interface. This will give you a great idea on how the platform will look like!

2: Updated website

As a team, we are working hard on the development of the upcoming release of our platform and application. Between all the hours we are working on this big update, we also managed to do a major update of The updated website provides a lot more information compared to the previous version. And we also think it looks a lot better;) We will continue to add more information and data in the upcoming weeks and months.

3: New Youtube videos

A successful application needs a lot of users. To easily explain to future vendors how they can join the Melalie platform, we made several explainer videos. Check the videos here and here.

Do you want to start to make money using your vehicle? Please join via!

4: Testnet in development

In the last weeks, we made a lot of progress on the development of the Melalie network. The Melalie Network is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built on the foundations of the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Mobility companies of all sizes can collaborate on the same platform and easily share data while maintaining independent economic agents.

As we all know, the current state of the Ethereum network is that it gives us great tools to develop on, but it lacks speed, the possibilities to customize our network and most importantly; the network fees can be very high. This is one of the reasons why we are opting to develop our own Melalie Network. What IOTA claims to be for IOT or VeChain for supply chains, Melalie aims to become the project that leads the way for the decentralized mobility economy.

Of course, the ERC20 token is very convenient for easy listing on exchanges and to hold in a wallet. This is why we prefer to keep this token, while developing a separate internal token that is used on the platform as well. The concept that we are now working on will allow tokenholders to swap the ERC20 token to the Cosmos-based $MEL token and back. For this, we use the Gravity-Bridge module.

At this moment our testnet is up and running and we have actually been able to transfer ERC20 $MEL tokens to our own Melalie testnet network. To be honest, this feels really magical!

Below you can find a schematic overview of our current implementation. Please note, it's all work in progress.

5: UpcomingAMA

The show must go on! On Wednesday the 23rd June, 2PM UTC we join the vibrant Crypto Talkz community (27000+ members) for another AMA, feel free to join.