The Melalie Network:Enabling a Decentralized Global Mobility Network

The Melalie Network is a blockchain platform designed specifically for the mobility industry. Its goal is to develop an open platform that stimulates collaboration, streamlines business processes and optimizes the information flow through the use of distributed ledger technology. The Melalie Network is developed using Cosmos and Tendermint.

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Melalie explained

Mobility as we know it is changing fundamentally. This change is driven by both technical advances and social developments. The mobility landscape is characterized by fragmentation, competition and many legacy systems.

This is why we are developing a decentralized platform, accessible for all stakeholders. The Melalie Network is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built on the foundations of the CosmosSDK and Tendermint.

Mobility companies of all sizes can collaborate on the same platform and easily share data while maintaining independent economic agents. The consequence is a unified mobility network that allows travellers to efficiently and anonymously travel from A to B.

Features developed on the Melalie network

A rental marketplace (live)

Via the Melalie open rental marketplace, people can rent vehicles from each other. By doing so we bring the power of the platform economy to everyone. You can download all apps in the Appstore and the Google Playstore.

An open data marketplace

Via the Melalie open data marketplace different stakeholders can easily share and monetize data. Users of the Melalie open data marketplace are cities, mobility providers, governments, data scientists and developers.

Easy payments (MEL pay)

Via the Melalie open payment protocol, app developers and mobility providers can integrate $MEL in their mobility applications. No need for complex settlement procedures. All transactions are P2P, cheap and easy.

An open insurance protocol

The Melalie open insurance protocol is a community driven insurance protocol. $MEL holders can provide backing for insurance products by providing $MEL and earn a reward in return. No more need for a middle man.

Stay up to date

Every Friday we release an update on our progress. You can find these updates (and more) information below. 

Melalie, what's in a name?

What does Melalie mean? Who is Melalie? Is it someone’s name? In this video, we explain you everything.